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About Ed Crocker

Ed was born in Manchester and has managed to stay there ever since. He studied Law at Oxford University, then bounced around careers, including training as a journalist and teaching secondary school English, before becoming a freelance editor and proofreader. This allows him to spend time on his first love: sitting at home on his laptop writing horror and fantasy stories.

He is currently writing an epic fantasy trilogy, Lightfall, set in a dystopian world of immortals. The first book, cunningly also called Lightfall, takes place in the last vampire city, where the blood you drink determines your class. His agent is Harry Illingworth of DHH Literary.


He's also a keen book reviewer, and you can read his SFF, horror and crime reviews on premier nerd site and on Goodreads.

To complete his trifecta of mediocre talents, he edits books: if you'd like him to edit yours, email him at for a quote.

His interests range from horror films, football, politics, graphic novels, murder mystery and all things fantasy. He’s also a keen video gamer, and gets a bit ranty when people ask him if that’s childish. He’s currently learning Italian. Slowly.

See here his linktree here for all his links and socials: 



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