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Book 1 of an epic fantasy trilogy with vampires, werewolves and sorcerers. No humans here. Just immortals: their politics, their feuds - and their long buried secrets

For centuries, vampires freely roamed the land until the Greys came out of nowhere, wiping out half the population in a night. The survivors fled to the last vampire city of Lightfall, where the rules are simple. If you’re poor, you drink weak blood. If you’re nobility, you get the good stuff. And you can never, ever leave. 

Palace maid Sam has had enough of these rules, and she’s definitely had enough of cleaning the bedpans of the abusive lords who enforce them. When the son of the city’s ruler is murdered and she finds the only clue to his death, she seizes the chance to blackmail her way into a better class and better blood. She falls in with the Leeches, a group of rebel maids who rein in the worst of the Lords. Soon she’s in league with a sorcerer whose deductive skills make up for his lack of magic, a deadly werewolf assassin and a countess who knows a city’s worth of secrets. 

There’s just one problem. What began as a murder investigation has uncovered a vast conspiracy by the ruling elite, and now Sam must find the truth before she becomes another victim of Lightfall. If she can avoid getting murdered, she might just live forever.

More about the plot, extracts, and character profiles coming soon...

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