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Browse the services below, read the FAQs and then email me at to get a quote. Hope to work with you soon!


Why do I need an editor?

You need a developmental edit because as much as your beta readers or your friends may have helped spot your problems, dev editors have years of experience at providing solutions, and we cover every angle, giving you the same editing care that an editor at a publishing house would give you.

You need a proofread because there's nothing worse than putting a book out there and getting the old "hi, I've found some errors" email... and as much as you think you can spot all your own errors, we authors never can. Trust me, I know this from hard-fought experience!

Finally, you need a line-edit because you want your writing to shine on a sentence-by-sentence level.

How does your feedback work?

For developmental editing, I will write you a nice chunky report, going chapter by chapter over any issues I think need addressing, and giving you some overall points as well - and also pointing out all the things that work great as well! It's important to emphasise that I know how tough getting a bunch of feedback can be for an author, so I believe in positive, constructive feedback - all my clients point out how helpful and positive my comments are, and I pride myself on making you feel good, not bad, about my constructive feedback.

For line editing, I will add comments throughout your work, so you can choose which ones you think you want to apply.

For proofreading, I use the tracked changes feature on Microsoft Word, so you can see all the errors I have corrected in your work, and you still have the option of rejecting the change if you don't agree with any of them!

Why should I pick you?

I have been a freelance editor for 11 years across almost every medium - academic journals, student work, fiction and non fiction books, and corporate documents. I've worked for one of America's premier editing agencies and edited for parliaments, European think tanks and distinguished academics. These days I am a fiction book editor only, being lucky enough to focus on my true love (books!). Some of my clients include award-shortlisted authors and bestselling indie authors. The quotes on the testimonials page (see here) will hopefully give you an idea of what my clients think about me.

Hiring an editor is a lot of money... is it worth it?

My rates are very reasonable, on the lower end of editing fees. Editors do charge a lot because editing a book takes time, and, at the risk of paraphrasing a commercial, we are worth it, but I also don't believe that it should cost you thousands of pounds to edit your book. 

But it's completely understandable to be nervous about handing over hundreds of pounds on a tight budget - so email me and let's get chatting and I'll happily do what I can to make the process fun not stressful.

Get a Quote

To get a quote, email me at with details of your book, word count, timeframe and what kind of service you're looking for; and I'll happily answer any other questions you have... look forward to hearing from you!

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